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tarragonsoup's Journal

Ps. In that but that says books^, the typo is deliberate. It wouldn't let me have over 5 words for a title.

My name is Laura. A bit about me? ...not that you'd really want to know, but whatever. I've nothing better to do at the moment anyway.

I like to listen to music a lot. And I like reading and creative writing. I like to go off in a fantasy world where romance isn't dead. Not that I think it is. It's just that romance is a lot more apparent in fiction. Well, the fiction that I read, anyway.
I like taking photos. Normally they're not really to capture the moment, just to have a new dp or whatever. You can't really capture feelings on film, and that is what I like to remember from experiences. Feelings.
I love my dog. It's a bit pathetic I'm putting that on here, but whatever. I do. Sue me. She's cute.
I really like shopping. It's so fun: instant gratification, feeling great, knowing I have something to wear. I don't do it enough. Must get around to that.
I guess I'm into anything vintage. Clothes, style, culture, music. It just fascinates me. I wish I had been born into the 50's, been a teen of the 60's and grown up in the 70's. I hope time machines get invented before I die so that I can go to Woodstock. It is so up my street you wouldn't believe it.
Concerts. I adore them. Moshing feels like being at a party with fifty of my closest friends and dancing with all of them at the same time. It's like a huge group hug to music. Love it.
I'm a nerd. I love Japonisme. I have an odd obsession with Japanese stuff. I found out yesterday there's a word for people like me on urbandictionary, but I didn't even know there WERE "people like me". Fun times. Especially Naruto. I mean, I don't watch anime other than Naruto, but that's because there's SO much Naruto episodes that I ent seen yet, so I thought it was pretty pointless starting watching more. I've heard good things about Death Note, though...

Um. So, yeah. I just made this for the fic on here. Heaps of authors on FP talk about livejournal. Tbh, I'm not too sure what exactly it does, but... Hey. Never know unless you try, eh?